So today, my fine compadre Aaron Connolly and I filmed the first part of the first episode of our new venture. It’s an online music TV show sorta dealy, where we get musicians to play on my beautiful roof terrace. The aim is to capture natural performances in the beautiful window I have into the sprawling urban environment of London NW1. Or… something. Maybe I just want to wind up my neighbours a little bit?

ANYWAY. Today we were lucky enough to be able film Adam Gnade. This is a bit of a personal coup, as he’s been a favourite of mine for the last few years. Not only is he an incredible songwriter, but he’s als a true stand-up gent who believes in his art and does whatever he can to make it his life, all of which I heartily approve of. Like most of my favourite songwriters, he’s a storyteller. He writes songs about people and their lives and the wide open spaces of America and how these things interact, and all coupled with a sense of musical freedom. It’s real and it’s honest, and that’s good enough for me.

The filming went swimmingly as well. Adam’s a natural performer, intense and driven and a joy to watch and film, and the world decided to provide the perfect amount of background ambience to this. Birds cheeped, children shouted, buses drove past, planes roared overhead, and at one point my next door neighbour, who in 14 months living here I’ve never even seen, came out and started watering his plants with a hose. Truly, a great way to spend a Sunday lunchtime.

Hey, here’s a lovely video:

Because Bruce had it right, and Johnny had it wrong. We’re not born to lose, we’re born to run.

We’re shooting the rest of episode #1 next weekend, capturing both Slushy Guts and Superman Revenge Squad. This is also Very Exciting Stuff. I’m hoping we can get six episodes done (#2 is lined up for April, and will be curated by Kev BSM, beyond that I have no idea) before the summer ends and the weather turns and suddenly people won’t want to stand outside and play music.

Now, the real question remains: am I going to have the balls to ask John Darnielle (or, I guess, his management) to come and do one when the Mountain Goats come over to tour in September? WE’LL SEE.