We filmed two thirds of the second Terrace Session yesterday. Sadly the weather forced us to film inside once again, but the music more than made up for this.

Episode #2 is being curated by the ever lovely Kev, who runs the rad Big Scary Monsters label. Really excitingly we were able to capture the one and only Walter Schreifels playing a number of songs from his forthcoming debut solo album (out via BSM later this month),  as well as a Rival Schools classic.

Walter Schreifels, my front room

Walter Schreifels, the rabbit

Yes, that is Walter and our house rabbit. Photos courtesy my flatmate‘s iPhone.

We were also treated to a set from Shoes and Socks Off, aka Toby ex-Meet Me In St Louis / Shield Your Eyes, who gave us a set of (I think) mostly new material. So that’s also super nice.

I’m really enjoying working on these, even if we’ve only managed to film one out of five sessions actually on my roof terrace, thankyouverymuch the English weather. Every artist we’ve shot so far has been a joy to work with and watch and film, and I’m really looking forward to getting this material out there into the world.